2. Entrepreneurs forum

2. Entrepreneurs forum

On 13 March 2019 was the second Entrepreneurs Forum. The aim of the forum is to enable smaller companies to present their work to larger, successful business companies within the region and to find any areas where both companies could complement one another.

Last year’s forum also hosted Valentin Jesenko, who presented some of his projects regarding the advantage of upgrading printed solutions with digital content. Consequently, after we noticed we could successfully complement each other if we combined knowledge and financial means, we worked together to improve our performance within a growingly-demanding market. We started Etiketa Interactive d. o. o., which took part in this year’s forum with the first examples of our combined-effort projects of the digital upgrade of printed solutions. Together, we also presented our projects at the Pharmapack fair, described in our previous news article.


We are one of the leading printing houses in the business of print. We contribute to the trend of the so-called smart labels with the upgrade of printed solutions with interactive digital content. We would also like to applaud to the successful work of Sora development agency from Škofja Loka, who helped us make the first step.

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