Dear business partners!

Life and business have changed completely since mid-March. With the outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic, we faced unpredictable challenges in our industry. We continue to follow our basic mission of providing you with reliable and innovative labeling for your products with our printed materials, and we offer you the necessary support also in this situation.

After the outbreak of the virus, in addition to the original concern for the health and safety of employees and ensuring uninterrupted production, we have taken additional measures for you to remain able to produce, send and deliver printed matter every day.

- We have increased stocks of strategic materials.

- Introduced alternative suppliers and substitutes for materials.

- Adjusted staffing within the company.

- Enabled contactless delivery and collection of labels.

- Organized meetings online.

- Enabled the possibility for remote approval of designs for print - Web Center.

- Established sales assistance and interactive presentation of your products with augmented reality tools.

Delivery times of our suppliers are slowly normalizing, but they are still unpredictable due to increased demand and limited supply capacities of materials. Because of the longer delivery times of the basic material, there may be a delay in deliveries from our side, so please place orders in advance in the coming months as much as possible in order to ensure the best possible reliability of deliveries.

We assure you that we will continue to make efforts and implement additional measures and that we will do our utmost to provide regular service and contribute to the optimal operation of the supply chain. We will keep you informed of all the news so that we can get out of this crisis together - as partners.

We thank you for trusting us in these difficult times and accepting the difficult working conditions with understanding.


We want you to stay safe and healthy.

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