New Generation Labels

New Generation Labels

Digitalisation has profoundly changed our business. The world is increasingly focused on digital content and using various channels for this purpose. Thanks to augmented reality and with using smart devices, labels become a great content channel between a brand and the customers. 

Labels can highly interact with customers via products, allowing involvement and engagement with the brand. There are so many new options to upgrade marketing materials and strategy. Enrich your existing printed content and reach up to 45% higher user engagement. 




- visualize expectations, 

- storytelling, 

- direct marketing, 

- instructions, 

- connected packaging, etc. 

In Etiketa we provide a wide range of quality printing services with augmented digital content. We set a goal to use smart printing solutions because we want to provide an added value to our products. 

Last year we begin with Etiketa Interactive d.o.o. which combines technology and creativity, provide additional digital content in order to ensure the immersive customer experience.  

Check website Etiketa Interactive to see how you can increase customer satisfaction, increase brand reputation, generate e-mail database, as well as provide better storytelling performance, cross-selling options, connecting offline and online platforms , etc.  You can implement augmented reality either towards the end consumer or for business-to-business purposes.  

Customers are ready and waiting for an additional layer of content to enhance their world. Because they buy experience, not just product. 

Do you have something to offer them?  

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