• Booklet label

    A leaflet used to present all the information required for your user.
  • Enter the World of Augmented Reality

    Upgrading printed solutions by adding digital content.
  • Sustainable development

    Better world for all of us and those coming.
  • Strategic development partner

    Global provider of advanced and hi-tech printed solutions.


A label is there to help your products stand out from the crowd. Printed by ETIKETA stands for superior quality, great colour consistency, maximum durability and superior performance. See our new generation labels to make your products come to life. You can have them with AM or RFID chips integrated or personalised to show variable data, featuring prize contests, scratch-off coating applied, connected to smart phones or upgraded by means of augmented reality. You can have all this and more in one place.     

  • Personalised labels with variable data

  • Durables

  • AM/RFID chips

  • Augmented reality codes

  • Security labels (with options: indentations; powerful glue, which might damage the box; imprint; stratification)


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    Knowledge, R&D
    Extensive product range
    Quality assured
    A reliable business partner
    Global presence

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