Flawless quality is the highest priority throughout the Etiketa Tiskarna d.d. Company. With the objective of achieving results in accordance with our customer’s requirements, it is based on personal responsibility of all our employees. It also provides the basis to ensure solid and long-term partnerships with our customers. We establish confidence by implementing standardised processes, maximum input control and efficient self-control, modern technology and employing highly qualified staff. 

Quality assurance equipment:​ 

  • Pixel Proof Assistant – comparing the preparation and imprint with the reference PDF file 
  • Camera control on cutting machines and the additional print machine to monitor all labels in the batch 
  • Bar Code Verifier  
  • SpectroEye spectrodensitometers for colour monitoring 
  • ESKO Flexproof and Epson WT7900 for colour test print 

Process control: 

  • Present in the entire manufacturing process, including critical control points for each operation
  • Resolving non-compliances in the manufacturing process or inconsistencies identified by the customer, according to the 3D-8D Principle
  • Archiving of documentation and samples 
  • Training of employees for quality and work according to the principle of good practice 

At our work, we respect the following regulations:​ 

  • EC Regulation on Food Packaging Materials and Permissible Migration Limits 
  • The REACH Regulation
  • Certificates for any input materials supplied by our suppliers 
  • Applicable quality standards 
  • Principles of Good Manufacturing Practice 
  • National laws and regulations

The company has adopted  Business Policy, which all our employees are familiar with. All our business processes are continuously improved and subordinate to the above systems. Based on internal and external audits, management review and monthly management colleges for quality, we are adopting preventive and corrective measures.  

Our activity is supported by the following certificates obtained and bound to continuous improvement:​

The OEKO TEX Certificates

The OEKO-TEX is a certificate granted by the International Federation of Independent Institutes for Product Safety and Sustainable Production in Textile Industry. It is used for testing and certifying textile products.

OEKO TEX-certified products ensure reliable safety in contacts between body and textiles at all times. No toxic substances or allergens are contained in these products. The Assessment Authority continuously follows the applicable legislation and the latest scientific research. This certificate is present throughout the world, so it is of no importance in which country it is obtained. Products are tested at each stage of production.

OEKO TEX Class 1 is focused on the contact between the textile and the skin of a child up to three years of age.

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