Screen printing is one of the classic printing techniques. This technique enables extremely durable designs (transfer or “mapper”) to be transferred to different kinds of materials; cotton, leather or various synthetic fabrics. Furthermore, a transfer can have different special effects added to it. Throughout the manufacturing process, we are constantly striving for sustainable development. This is why we only use OEKO TEX-certified materials in the process.

A transfer or mapper means a motif printed on the carrier (paper or foil) and transferred to the final product, most commonly fabric, by means of a heat press. Conditions and transfer methods are minutely defined.

The mappers made by Etiketa are worn by the players of some of the world’s best football teams, as well as their fans. We also supply a number of renowned sports fashion brands, and textile and automotive industries.


  • Unlimited shape and colour options.
  • High durability and elasticity of transfers.
  • OEKO-TEX -certified inks.
  • Different material options: cotton, microfibre, nylon, softshell, natural and artificial leather etc.



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