Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is intended for products whose service life should be extended.

Such food products can either be packed vacuumed or in a controlled atmosphere (MAP). In this way your products can be kept fresh and immaculate for a longer period of time. This kind of foil can be used for packaging of any quickly perishable foods or any kind of food that will be protected from external influence (such as fresh or dry meat, precipitated products, cold cuts, cheese, pastries, and coffee, among others). This foil is provided with all the statements and certificates required for use in the food industry. So your goods are always well protected against moisture and oxygen.

We only use low migration inks suitable for use in the food and other heavily regulated industries.

Due to the modern way of consumption, demand for adequate packaging of fresh and quickly perishable foods is on the rise. This way you provide your customers food that is always fresh and safe all the way to be served at home.


  • Food protection.
  • Enhanced on-shelf visibility.
  • An outstanding marketing tool.
  • Anti-fog protection.
  • Extending your product’s best-before period.


  • Pads, cross-bottom packages, small containers;
  • welding, thermal application, vacuum packaging.


  • QR codes, data matrix, 2D codes, Zappar, etc.
  • Different types of additional print.
  • Additional through-foil-labelling.


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