Textile labels and decorative ribbons

  • Textile labels are indispensable for the labelling of any fashion or other textile product. Different information (such as maintenance-related icons, material composition data, sizes, brand logos, etc.) can be shown in these labels.
  • Customised ribbons are straps intended for decorating purposes, e.g. business, promotional or personal gifts.
  • Lanyards serve as functional and promotional gifts at events, conventions and other events of this kind.
  • Decorative ribbons are there to enrich and bring life to each gift and celebration.

In the matter of the print, colour and material schemes, our comprehensive choice of options can accommodate any of your wishes.


A wide range of OEKO TEX-certified materials:

  • Polyester, cotton/polyester
  • Satin, canvas
  • Cut or woven edge
  • White or black, while other colours are available on request
  • Wire-featuring ribbons (white, golden, silver edging)

OEKO TEX-certified inks

Different press options:​

  • Flexographic print (6 colours front + 1 back)
  • Screen printing (1 colour/flat or relief print)
  • Sublimation (5 colours)
  • Combination of flexographic print (6 colours) + screen rotation (1 colour)




Cutting to the dimensions desired:

  • Cutting
  • Cutting and folding
  • Cutting and final bending

Inserting chips


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