Security labels

A security label is intended for ensuring anti-theft protection. For this purpose, we have developed several versions of protective means. Whenever an item is brought unpaid through the checkout system, the exit security system starts beeping triggered by our chip-featuring label. By using an RFID chip under the label, you can efficiently avoid thefts of your products.

Seamless implementation of a micro-text is used against counterfeiting of your products. These elements are invisible to the naked eye and only disclosed by magnification. In this way, your product can be authenticated. Furthermore, an option called Data Matrix Protection is available. Following a special preparation procedure, your product’s authenticity is protected by special notes inscribed in some parts of your files.

As required by the pharmaceutical industry, we also produce labels that are applied to the opening parts of the packaging. This way you highlight the containers that remain originally closed. As soon as a container is opened for the first time, its security label is torn. Thereby the user is informed about the container having already been opened.

Though these labels are mainly used for products with a higher added value, their price has become affordable. So, they can even be used to protect less valuable products. With some retail chains, suppliers have already been required to also integrate the RFID chips in their low-value products. It may therefore be assumed that the labelling security level required in the future might only increase.

In early 2019, the Directive 2016/161/EU stipulating the positioning of security labels featured on the medicine packaging entered into force.


  • Product protection against theft
  • Imperceptible presence
  • Anti-counterfeiting protection
  • Physical protection of opening/closing parts

Versions available

  • RF, RFID, NFC and AM chips
  • Micro-text
  • Original – a tamper-evident label


More options

  • Different wave frequency chips
  • Scratch-off coating
  • Personalised micro-text
  • Various additional print options
  • Variable data presentation, individual codes, serialisation of labels



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