Pharmaceutical and chemical industry

Any company active in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry is looking for high quality and flexible solutions. With us, you will find both.

Our entire process operates in accordance with the strictest requirements. Through our extensive know-how, experience, technology, and process control, the labels we provide are always at a high quality level. All of them are 100% electronically controlled and numbered. As an approved supplier, we provide various solutions to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, including: self-adhesive labels, multilayer labels, booklet labels, security labels, transport and blank labels. Thanks to our highly advanced R&D with regard of tailored solutions, we can always deliver exactly what our customers need.



Product protection

Security (i.e. tamper-evident) labels are tailored solutions for protection against interfering and counterfeiting. They make it clearly visible when a package has already been opened.

For product protection and patient’s or any other user’s health safety we produce labels that keep the packaging closed or prevent easy opening. Therefore, we offer solutions that in case of unwanted opening do the following:

  • cause the label to tear,
  • leave a mark on the product (void effect);
  • make the label layers separate,
  • damage the packaging.

In early 2019, the Directive 2016/161/EU stipulating the positioning of security labels featured on the medicine packaging entered into force.


Multiple labels united in one are an optimal solution when space is limited. Double or triple layer labels provide sufficient space for additional information. They are primarily used for multi-language messages or promotion (prize contest codes, scratch-offs, etc.).

  • Flexible in size, shape and volume of information.
  • Opening position clearly marked.
  • Allows easy re-opening.


A booklet label is a label that includes a multiple page leaflet or a booklet. It makes it possible to present comprehensive statutory information, product information, content in multiple languages and the like on several pages.

  • It can even be applied to a small-diameter round shape.
  • Available in various forms and sizes, the leaflet may be of a different length while the booklet may feature different numbers of pages, too
  • Possible application on cardboard or other types of packages, such as the bottles, vials or ampoules.
  • By applying a multilingual booklet label, you not only make your manufacturing costs go down but also have more flexibility in international distribution.


Simple labels playing a very important role of carrying the key product information:

  • They define and communicate the crucial basic information about your product.
  • In combination with various options, these labels can provide additional functionalities (QR codes, 2D codes, data matrix, security elements, braille for visually-impaired users).
  • A variety of materials can be used, including those resistant to moisture, low temperatures, fat or chemicals.
  • They can be used for different types of packaging.
  • They provide good adhesion.
  • Available as transparent, coloured, or with special effects (cold foil, varnish...).
  • In compliance with Regulation 10/2011, they are produced from materials certified for contact with food, and printed with low migration inks.
  • They offer safety information to patients.


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