Beverage industry

Those companies active in the area of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages usually demand self-adhesive labels, multilayer labels and wraparound labels.

In this industry, labels are exposed to different conditions, such as cold, heat, moisture, dusty surfaces, etc. During the entire product life, its label will keep its purpose. With our experience and knowledge, we successfully confront any of these challenges. We offer different materials and printing technologies, to not only make your label fully functional, but also to be your customer's first choice when placed on a shelf.



Wraparound labels

In this industry, products are placed in a highly competitive environment. Therefore, the first impression the label makes on the customer is essential. Often, this makes the main reason for purchase.

With wraparound labels, the content is presented on a label that is 360 degrees wrapped around a round packaging. These labels are printed on white or transparent material. Your product and your brand become visible and recognisable in the eyes of your customer.

Wraparound labels are primarily used for bottles of water, juice, or sparkling beverages. 


Wine labels

Wine labels make a specific segment. Here, all the following effects are crucial:

  • matt or gloss;
  • embossing;
  • varnishing; and any
  • additional print options.

Despite low temperature, the label remains durable and readable.

With our longstanding developments in this area, we are able to successfully face any wine producer’s challenges.


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