Cosmetics industry

The labels intended for the cosmetics industry shall do their best to efficiently present your products and your brand. Embossed, plasticised, no-label look, or varnished labels bring that elegant and sophisticated look to your cosmetic products. So, when placed on a shelf, your product gets the customer’s attention. In addition to its prestigious looks, a label has to be resistant to water, oil, dust and rubbing. We use materials resistant to such conditions. Those companies selling upmarket products prove increasingly interested in labels with chips to protect their products against theft.

Compared with the cosmetics industry, hardly any other industry is under such pressure to pay attention to the look of the packaging and labels. You can use labels to present your brand story to customers, bring more visibility and improve your reputation. To achieve exactly the design you expect, it is important to print the labels properly. Achieving precise imprint, offering a wide range of colours and materials as well as using our great knowledge, we make sure you achieve the design as desired and attract the maximum attention from your customer. 

For the cosmetics industry we manufacture self adhesive labels, flexible packaging, and security labels.

Self-adhesive labels

Companies operating in the cosmetics industry are mostly demanding self-adhesive labels with special effects. This way you make your product stand out from the crowd when placed on a shelf.

We offer:

  • labels with gold, silver or any other metallic effect;
  • special-effect varnishes (gloss, matt, soft touch);
  • screen lacquer to highlight the convex elements;
  • embossing;
  • plasticised labels;
  • "no-label" look;
  • different types of additional print.

Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging stands for packaging and label in one. This is how you can save material and help to reduce your impact on the environment. It is predominantly intended for free samples.

Security labels

A product security label is there to protect against unwanted pre-opening. So your customers will be absolutely sure that your product has not been opened by a third person and is safe to use.


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