Food Industry

It is in the food industry where labelling becomes particularly important. Although the usually complex statutory information requires lots of space, companies have become aware of the label’s great potential to serve as an excellent marketing tool.

For this industry, we not only offer all kinds of conventional self-adhesive labels presenting the obligatory information, but also labels with special effects to make your product stand out from the crowd.

We produce self-adhesive, multilayer, booklet, wraparound labels, flexible packaging and security labels for the food industry.

Due to their contact with food, all food industry versions of labels and foils are based on low-migration inks. Thanks to the statements of material suppliers, traceability is ensured.

Self-adhesive labels, pre-print thermal adhesive labels

  • Various additional print options
  • Self-adhesive labels featuring anti-theft RFID chips
  • A wide range of materials, including those resistant to moisture or low temperatures

Booklet labels

While presenting all legally required information in a transparent way, your booklet label serves you as a marketing tool featuring various coupons or prize contests at the same time.

Flexible foil

Foil is used for packaging any quickly perishable foods or any kind of food that has to be protected from external influence, such as fresh or dry meat, precipitated products, cold cuts, cheese, pastries, coffee, among other. This foil is provided with all the statements and certificates required for use in the food industry. So your goods are always well protected against moisture and oxygen.


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