About Us

Etiketa Tiskarna is a global provider of highly advanced, high-quality print solutions that are demanding in both an R&D and a technological sense. Based on years of experience in the printing industry, we remain flexible and follow market trends. We are always open to innovation. Based on our strong R&D and own production solutions, we strive to provide the highest possible level of quality all since our beginning dating back to 1960.

By creating innovative customised solutions, Etiketa is always meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. This includes 100% quality, deliveries within deadline and reasonable prices. Acting in accordance with global Quality Assurance Standards, we only use environment-friendly materials. We are committed to the efficient use of energy, the health and welfare of employees.

Developing new technologies and know-how for almost 60 years, ETIKETA with its partners is now present on all continents. Our products can be found all around the globe. Players of the world’s best football teams are wearing them and so are their fans. We are a supplier to giants in the sports, textile, and automotive industries. We supply our labels to both national and global pharmaceutical industry customers. We produce the most sophisticated labels that can be found on the bottles of prominent Slovenian wine growers. We are present in numerous processing industries.

Our daily business is shaped by modern technologies and new business paradigms. Associating with our strategic partners in unified systems, we are continuously optimising and automating our manufacturing processes, interconnecting in the spirit of Industry 4.0 the computer and manufacturing systems. Offering the world completely new added value, our printed solutions are now combined under our new Etiketa.interactive brand. Contact us and see how your product can become an interactive digital content carrier.

Our vision is to become a prominent, globally acting strategic development partner and provider of comprehensive and innovative solutions for product labelling. Our advanced solutions are based on the latest technologies available. Our business is following global trends and the principles of sustainable development. We are increasing our market shares on both national and international levels. At the same time, we will retain the existing ownership structure (internal ownership) to ensure long term growth and development of our company located in Žiri, Slovenia.

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